Wild Worlds Slot by NetEnt

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Wild Worlds Slot Game Provided by NetEntWild Worlds Slot is a freshly-released NetEnt slot game that you were not expecting. Known for its consistency in quality and other aspects of slot creation, NetEnt has now decided to add an innovative touch to an entirely new product and prove its title of the best software provider once again.

This 5×5 video slot combines original concepts and sense of humour in a progressive storyline, where fearless guardians of some futuristic city battle hideous monsters to maintain peace for citizens. The most unexpected part comes when you first meet these heroes, which are 3 colourful birds. However, don’t be deceived by their looks, these fierce characters are ready to kick some monster-butt once you hit the spin.

The breathtaking design of the interface is something to admire. This is the first time when NetEnt presents a slot game with a split-screen layout. The hard work of animation and digital design departments can’t go unnoticed. The visual details of the game are breathtaking as you are virtually teleported into the superhero HQ and actively take part in their adventures. The electro-style soundtrack perfectly fits the entire theme with a unique bass beat.

All in all, this incredible slot game is not just about flawless presentation, there are various intriguing features and an RTP of 96.47% providing sky-high excitement.

Is it fair?

No player wants to risk their cash for nothing. That’s why a trustworthy software provider such as NetEnt makes sure that its games are operated by a certified RNG (Random Number Generator). This number generating system is the casinos’ guarantee that the outcome of the games is always fair and authentic.

To maintain players’ trust NetEnt conducts regular RNG system test at several prominent test facilities, such as iTech Labs, Technical Services Bureau, eCOGRA etc.

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How to Play Wild Worlds?

The story starts right in the office of 3 heroes, where they work each one next to their computers and cheer you up whenever you land on a winning combo, and especially if the combo includes their colour figures. However, once the monster alarm goes off, the brave fighters will put on their superhero costumes and prepare for the battle. Meanwhile, you get to spin the reels and see what the vibrant gems will bring you this time.

The background of the reel board is the control room with a beautiful city view and numerous modern buildings and skyscrapers. Occasionally a giant monster is seen walking between the high roofs terrorizing the desperate citizens.

The control panel is super easy, typical for NetEnt-produced slots. You simply need to decide the coin value and the bet level. If you are feeling lucky then go ahead and slap that max bet button right away

The autoplay button is at your disposal whenever you get tired of manually clicking the spin. This function will turn the reels the number of times you specify in the settings.

You can find all the necessary information such as payout rates of the slot figures in the main settings (the “i” icon).

To improve your balance, you need to land on 3+ identical figures that are located horizontally or vertically next to each other. A single row or column may comprise multiple wins. This game is also unique in its reel structure. Unlike in standard slots, the figures in Wild Worlds slot don’t spin but fall into their places and if a winning combo is formed the figures explode and vanish, leaving space for the new ones.

If this slot game sounds like fun and you want to test it before playing for real cash, there is a demo version available in NetEnt official website.

Slot Special Features

As this video slot is based on a unique superhero story, the slot figures and features are insanely awesome as well. First of all, the reel board is decorated with sparkling gems of three colours, corresponding to the heroes’ themes (blue, green, pink). As these heroes are the sole creatures capable of combating the monsters, they have secret powers of their own: water, nature and storm. You can see these elements on the gems of the corresponding colour.

The blue, pink and green gems are the least paying figures, while the hero figures will give you larger rewards. However, your wins may reach their peak with the High Win Symbol.

The wild icon is a shiny pink gem with a golden “W” on it and it may appear if you succeed in landing a combo with any hero figure. This will have the amazing effect of turning the remaining hero figures into wilds that can replace all other figures except for the scatter. You may come across this feature both in the base game and free spins.

The next cool aspect of this slot is the “Destroy Feature”, which happens randomly when the game wants to cheer you up in case of the no-win outcome. During this superhero effect, only symbols of one random colour will stay in place while others will be blown to smithereens.

What Is the Free Spins Feature?

You will reach the free spins round when you land on 3 scatters on the reels. Then, you and your mighty warriors will be taken to one of three magical worlds, where you will meet face to face with the monsters. In your arsenal, you will have 8 free spins and powerful hero attacks.

You should know that there will be two types of monsters: the captains that have 15-point health score and the boss that will take up to 105 hits before you can destroy it.

The first free spin round takes you to the faraway Ice World, where you will fight for 2 Heavy wilds that will later be placed on the reels.

In the Fire Lands world, you may win up to 4 random wilds that will also be located on the reels increasing your win chances.

And the third scary place is called the Dark Forest, where the spreading wild will be the long-awaited prize if you find the monsters’ weaknesses and defeat them. This wild figure has also the property of exploding with other figures when a winning combo appears. New spreading wilds will then show up on the reels.

All this might sound a little scary, but don’t worry as the mighty birds have special superhero attack feature that they will implement in these battles. Each hero has a hero meter that is filled when corresponding low and medium win figures shatter. The more win figures you have the greater damage will be caused to monsters. The completed meter will then release the attack effect and the victory is yours!


Wild Worlds Slot is NetEnt’s innovative way to combine superhero characters with superpowers and intriguing battle mini-games in a stylishly designed slot game. The visuals are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also comprise so much precision and details that it feels like watching a fully-designed animation.

The extra features of the slot add a lot of excitement and multiple opportunities to increase your wins. Plus, mobile gaming fans may also enjoy this incredible video slot on their portable devices without compromising the quality.

Slot details

This hero-themed 5×5 slot was released in 2019 by NetEnt and offers an unforgettable experience with an RTP of 96.47%. The coin value ranges from 0.01-2, and the volatility of the game is medium level. Smallest wager in this game is 0.20, while the biggest one is 400, represented in the currency of a player. Add to that the 2500x that can be won during a single spin and you have a money bomb just waiting for you to light the fuse and watch it detonate.