Slots: Easter Island Slot by YGGdrasil

By November 17, 2019Online Slots

Ester Island SlotsIn Easter Island online slot, you will be welcomed with a vividly sunny environment that encompasses a tropical island by 2 comical characters, along with 2 cherry Moai statues that are available on either side of the reels. Playing Easter Island slot is such a priceless moment that even some top players cannot put a price on the experience. Nevertheless, the real prize will come in the form of real money if you manage to utilise the generous symbols that come with this top-notch online slot game.

However, beneath the blue skies, there are butterflies fluttering around flowers growing from the luxurious green grass. Sometimes a pelican pokes its head from behind the reels or one of your statue friends. The game consists of high to medium value symbols that are represented by the island animals. These animals consist of a red eagle, an orange fox, a green frog, a purple lizard, as well as a turquoise iguana.

As if that is not enough, there is also a golden relic Wild symbol. The lower value symbols are standard playing cards of a heart, a diamond, a club and a spade. Nevertheless, Easter Island online slot is very impressive and it comes with a vibrant graphic in a cartoon, comic style that will leave you in gags and laughs. There is no better moment to play this online slot than now because the game features are there to give you a wonderful treat for less.

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Easter Island Slot Game Features

Easter Island online slot is a very playful, easy and immersive online slot. There is no slot that will beat this five reel and three rows. If you have been looking for the best slot online that can shower you with real money, then all you need to do is to relax in the Island and enjoy the immersive gameplay, as well as the generous winning symbols.

The Wild symbol of this marvellous online slot appears on reels two and four, replacing all other symbols so that it can grace you with lavish wins.

The most exciting and rousing feature of this top-notch game is the Expanding Wilds feature. This is whereby any Wild symbol on a winning spin will then become sticky and expand, so that it can cover the whole reel. And guess what? This is the moment where more winning chances will be coming your way.

During the main gameplay, every win will not trigger a free re-spin, but at the same time, it will then activate what is known as a “symbol swap”. What will simply happen is that it will promptly suck-in the low value symbols. Moreover, when the reels come to a halt, the other statue will spit out higher value symbol for more chances of bigger payouts. That’s exactly what you are aiming for, isn’t it?

The beauty part of this online slot game is that the free spin feature will sweeten your winnings. That will surely make you enjoy multiple and exciting awards from Easter Island online slot. Have we mentioned that you can even play Easter Island online slot whilst on your hike since it is a beautifully designed online mobile slot?

Easter Island Bonus Round

Even though Easter Island does not offer you the conventional Bonus round activated by three Scatter symbols, you can still get yourself ready for an exciting Expanding Reels feature that is activated upon wins. In the event that there are four matching symbols appearing on the reels, this simply means that the reels will then expand to 5 rows for a free-spin, along with 65 ways to win. Soon after 5 matching symbols have been won, the reels will even grow higher, up to 7 rows. And they will produce 103 ways to win for the re-spin. Surely, there is no other game that will offer you all these generous features to make sure that you walk away as the victor.

The expanding Wilds have the ability to create numerous winning combinations that will definitely form massive payouts. In fact, adding the icing to the cake, and making everything easy peas like cheesy, the maximum possible win from a given a spin is a whopping 47,000 coins.

Easter Island Online Slot RTP

Since Easter Island online slot is a well crafted slot game from YGGdrasil, players must expect not only great graphics, but some magnificent gameplay too. Remember, the game also comes with some Expanding features. These features come with both Wilds and there are also free-spins per win. The theoretical RTP of this game is estimated at 96.1%. Therefore, it means online players have a lot to play for, especially those who are always gunning for real money. Quickly log onto the best online casino and enjoy Easter Island online slot game, and stand a real chance to win big and at the same time, have some fun!